Display Selection

If the remote computer has multiple displays attached, you can select the preferred display for use with Screens.


On macOS, display selection is part of Screen Sharing. (If you're connecting to a Windows or Linux PC, you can also specify which display to use, but you must do so before connecting as part of the connection configuration.)

  • From the Screens for iOS toolbar, tap the Actions button.
  • Tap Select Display.
  • Select the preferred display.



In your saved “screen” settings, you can configure Screens to auto-select the last used display upon connection.

Linux and Windows PCs

Screens’ display selection feature works only with Macs. You can, however, accomplish the same result with Windows and Linux computers by changing the port number in your saved “screen” settings. Choosing a particular port number selects a corresponding display.

Usually, port 5900 is used when Screens connects to your computer. If you have three displays, you may use ports 5901, 5902, or 5903 to specify Display 1, Display 2, or Display 3, respectively. Most VNC clients on Windows and Linux support this feature.

The advantage of using Screen Sharing on macOS is that it lets you select a display on the fly, rather than requiring you to disconnect a Screens session to reconfigure the port number and select another display.

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