1Password Support

1Password Support

1Password users can quickly access their stored passwords via the 1Password iOS extension. To do so, first add a log-in item in 1Password.


  • In the Website field, enter the hostname or IP address of your computer.

  • If you have only one user account for this hostname, the Username field is optional, but recommended.

  • Enter the password for the account you wish to use to connect from Screens.

  • Back in Screens, tap the 1Password button next to the password field.

  • Select the 1Password extension (or tap the More button to add the extension).

  • You should see all the log-in items for this computer. Select the desired item.

  • The


    is entered into the Password field.

You may also store information for your Screens ID, enabling you to sign in with the Screens Connect service...

...and in the Secure Connection settings (tap the Key button to access 1Password).

1Password Toolbar Button

You can also access all of your 1Password items directly from the Screens toolbar. Simply tap the 1Password button to select the desired password. Screens will enter that password on the remote computer for you.