Sharing Clipboard Content

Last updated 4 months ago

To send or receive clipboard content, tap the Actions button in the Shortcuts Toolbar.

In order:

  • Send Clipboard to remote computer

  • Receive Clipboard from remote computer

  • Automatic Clipboard sharing, which keeps both Clipboards in sync.

You can configure which action to take when you receive clipboard content: copy content into the iOS clipboard, or display the iOS share menu so you can route the content to another app.

Shared Clipboard

You can enable this feature in Screens’ app settings, under More Settings, to automatically share the clipboard content between your iOS device and remote computer. Anything copied on either your iOS device or computer will automatically be transferred over the network to the other clipboard.

If you disable Shared Clipboard, you must manually transfer content via the Send Clipboard and Get Clipboard action buttons.

Sending and Receiving

While connected to a remote Mac, you can share content including images, rich and plain text, and URLs. Any unsupported content will be transferred as plain text. It is not possible to send/receive files.

Only plain text can be transferred to/from a Windows or Linux PC. When sending, the copied text will be typed directly into any active UI control that accepts keystrokes on the remote computer, such as a text editor, a browser address bar, etc.